It is hard to enjoy your new home or office when all you see is dirt, dust, and various construction debris. And sure, you could release a long sigh, pick up a broom and a few rags, and get down to work. But here’s the thing – after builders cleaning is a strenuous process that will eat up big chunks of time you could have otherwise spent doing other things that are more important. So, allow ‘US’ the after builders team lend you a hand and take care of everything. In return, we’ll make sure to deliver speck-free results to match your home’s brand new appeal.

It’s time to get that rubbish out of your way. The unsightly debris will be tackled by experienced technicians, who will carry suitable industrial grade equipment and detergents for the job. The pros can bring the shine back to your home by tackling frequently missed spots, such as skirting boards, door frames, switches, or by treating your bathroom and kitchen.

They also meet all legal requirements to work on any building site, thus the specialists can also lend you a hand with various commercial jobs and even provide you with detailed COSHH and risk assessment upon request.

Please note: Your session’s length will depend on your property’s size and condition. Also, before ordering the service, any building work taking place in your property should be completed.

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The checklist

We all know how persistent dust can sometimes get, hiding from sight in obscure corners no one would ever think to check. Luckily, we’ve developed a thorough checklist that frequently reminds the experts to investigate even the most secluded areas of your property and polish those to perfection.

Let’s review some of the nooks & crannies that this service covers:

  • Wiping down window sills, door frames, lights switches, and cupboards;
  • Dusting mirrors, glass tables, picture frames, and other furniture;
  • Cleaning stove tops, range hoods, microwaves, fridges, and backsplashes;
  • Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and polishing kitchen & bathroom sinks;
  • Scrubbing shower recesses, basins, toilets & other bathroom furniture;

Dealing with dust, plaster, or paint splashes on windows and walls.